Improve Your Terrazzo Surface with Experienced Terrazzo Stone Polishing

If you want to return your terrazzo surface to its natural beauty then it is time to invest in terrazzo stone polishing. At Fuller Stone Care we have the years of experience, equipment, and trained personnel to get the job done right. Keep reading to find out more and then contact us at 855-205-0972 to learn more.

Terrazzo Stone Polishing Does Not Require Special Products

When you polishing your silver or wood, you need to use a polish product. This is not true when polishing natural stones like terrazzo, marble, and travertine. With these types of stone, if you add wax or polish it can make the stone dirtier. It can add a layer of buildup that obscures how naturally beautiful the stone is on its own – and it can result in dust and dirt collecting more quickly.

You Don’t Need a Polishing Product – You Need a Product

The key is that instead of using a polish, you need a process. This is what you can expect when you work with Fuller Stone Care. Our polishing process can achieve a wide range of goals including removing stains, etch marks, scratches, and dull spots from your terrazzo. We can get rid of buildup from past waxes or surface treatments, and we can restore the natural glossy finish.

When the stone is shiny once again, it can brighten the entire room its in. We can then use a high-quality sealant to tighten the pores of the terrazzo, which will make it even easier to clean and maintain in the future. Be sure to ask us about other maintenance services that can be beneficial as well.

The Uniqueness of Our Polishing Process

In all our years of experience, we have learned how to best protect and restore the stone of our clients. We have developed a unique process for polishing natural stones like terrazzo. If you are dealing with light surface stains, scratches, and etch marks, then our careful grinding process can put an end to them. We have the experience required to use the right diamond abrasive compound for your specific stone.

Our grinding process is 100% dustless, which means that we can get the job done evenly and precisely without missing low corners as other companies may do. WE then use a uniquely formulated nano abrasive compound to polish your terrazzo to a high-gloss finish or a stone finish, whichever you would prefer.

We Can Provide Preventative Care

We may also recommend additional services for your terrazzo stone to help keep it in great shape for many months or years to come. This could involve sealing the stone to reduce the pores and prevent future staining and etching, or it may involve adding a special treatment that helps inhibit mold and algae growth. To learn more about preventative care and our other services, contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 now.