Important Dos and Don’ts to Properly Care for Your Kitchen Countertops

Many people have no idea how to properly care for their kitchen countertops. The most important step is to make sure that their countertops are sealed. This one step can make it easy to care for your countertops because it allows you to simply wipe up any messes that occur. However, there are still cleaning and maintenance tips that can help you keep your countertops in top condition for years to come.

DO: Clean Your Countertop Frequently with a Stone-Safe Cleaner

You should clean your countertop regularly with a cleaner that is safe for stone. You do not want to use glass cleaner as it can affect the sealant. You will likely want to use a stronger cleaner near cooking and eating areas, while vanity tops that are far from cooking and eating areas might do fine with a diluted concentration.

Don’t: Let a Spill Sit

You should clean up any spills you see as soon as you see them. Always blot instead of wiping. The sooner you clean up the spill, the less of an issue it will be. If you do let the spill sit, avoid using scouring pads to get rid of the evidence as they can scratch even super-hard granite.

Do: Work Only with Experienced Natural Stone Companies

Whether you need restoration, cleaning, sealing, or anything else, you should only work with an experienced natural stone company. You might find a company that offers comprehensive cleaning services claim they can treat your stone surfaces too. They cannot. You need a company that specializes in this type of complex work.

Don’t: Use Powder or Cream Cleansers

Choosing the right cleaner is one of the most important things to do to keep your kitchen countertops in good shape. You should never use a powder cleanser or cream cleanser. You should not use any scrubber that has metal on it. If your countertop needs extra cleaning, call the professionals.

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