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Has Your Natural Stone Seen Better Days? Invest in Polishing Services

Has Your Natural Stone Seen Better Days? Invest in Polishing Services

Many items that you want to see shine need a product to get them that way. For example, if you want to see your silver shine, you would use a silver polish. This is not the case when it comes to polishing natural stone. What many homeowners don’t realize is that using a wax or polish on many types of stone can actually make it worse.

Why? Because the products build up and add a layer that works against the natural beauty of your stone. Not only will it obscure the natural look, but it this buildup makes it easier for dust and dirt to collect. Instead of a polishing product you need a polishing process – and that’s what you’ll get from Fuller Stone Care.

What to expect from our polishing services

When you invest in polishing services from Fuller Stone Care, we begin by getting rid of stains, etch marks, scratches, and other dull spots. If there is buildup on the surface then we will get rid of it, whether the buildup is from waxes or surface treatments. We then work to restore the original, shiny finish of your stone.

Once it’s bright and beautiful, we will work to tighten the pores of the stone. This helps prevent dust and grime from collecting in the stone, and it makes it easier and faster to clean it in the future.

We provide a unique service

We have worked with all types of natural stone and have provided polishing services for many years. We are experienced in how to care for and maintain your stone. We have a general roadmap for our polishing services but the specific process is personalized for every specific client we work with. We will assess your stone’s condition and provide a detailed plan to restore its shine.

Some of the services we may include, depending on the state of your stone, including:

  • Grinding. This process gets rid of minor scratches, surface stains, and etch marks. We use a grinding process that is entirely dustless. It gives you optional results without the mess – and we grind the entire surface. Some restoration companies may miss low corners but you can count on us to have the attention to detail required for better service.
  • Polishing. We use a nano-abrasive compound to get the right finish for your stone. Depending on what you are looking for, this may include a high-gloss finish or a honed finish.
  • Preventative care. Not only do we want to get your stone looking as great as it possibly can, but we want to help it look great for many years to come. Depending on the location and use of your stone, we may apply take steps to prevent algae, we may seal the stone, or we may work to prevent mildew and mold.

No matter what condition your natural stone is in today, we can help improve it. Contact Fuller Stone Care at 310-944-9099 now to begin the process.

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