Has Your Marble Turned Yellow? Discover the Three Potential Reasons for this Yellowing

It is not uncommon for marble to start yellowing. This happens across the country, and in the worse case scenarios, it even turns brown. Flooding is a cause that can cause marble to yellow almost instantly, but it is far from the only cause. Learn three reasons that marble might be yellowing and remember that no matter what the issue is, you can call Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for marble cleaning, restoration, and much more.

A Lack of Marble Maintenance

Marble does eventually wear, and when that happens, the highly polished surface will become scratched and worn. This can cause the surface to become rough – which essentially turns it into a magnet for dirt. If the wrong cleaners are used, then dirt can accumulate within the pores and become yellow. This could be as simple as using a dirty mop to “clean” marble. Avoiding this situation is one of the many reasons to invest in regular marble maintenance services from Fuller Stone Care.

There is a Wax Build Up or Coating on Your Marble Surface

It is common for marble floors to be coated with things like urethane, waxes, and acrylics. Unfortunately, none of these are designed to be used on marble floors. Some of them are of poor quality and the actual coating is what is starting to yellow. When coatings are applied in many coats, a soft build up can form, which catches dirt and makes the marble look yellow. This is one of the reasons that you should only allow marble care experts to help with marble sealing.

Your Marble Has Suffered from Iron Staining

It is common for white marble tiles to have deposits of iron. These are naturally occurring deposits. Iron is found in stone and can be throughout the stone. If it is, then when it is exposed to water or other types of oxidizes (like acids and household bleach), it will start to yellow. This is the reason that we never recommend choosing white marble for a shower or bathroom.

The Best Way to Prevent Yellowing is to Work with an Experienced Marble Care Company

The best way to treat yellow and the best way to prevent yellowing are one and the same: work with an experienced marble care company. We can clean, restore, and repair your marble with appropriate cleaners that will not damage it. We can use sealant that is made specifically for marble. In short, we can care for your marble like your typical marble company cannot.

If you are ready to find out more, or to request a quote for marble care, contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 and we will be happy to go over the details with you.