Four Factors to Consider When Deciding What Sealer to Use on Your Natural Stone

You know you need to seal your natural stone but you might be wondering which type of sealant to use. There are several options and many factors that will determine which of these options is best. The key is to work with a stone care company that can both help you choose the right sealant and professionally apply it. You can call Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 but in the meantime, keep reading to check out four of the factors you will consider to decide on the right sealant.

  1. The Type of Stone
  2. Most stones sold today are resined at the factory. This makes them stronger and means that more natural stones can be used. However, there are still varying levels of porousness to these stones. The absorption coefficient, which involves who porous a stone is and how fast it absorbs liquid, is essential in choosing the right sealer. For example, granite is going to have a higher absorption coefficient than something like polished marble.

  3. The Finish on the Stone
  4. The stone’s finish will also have a significant impact on its absorption coefficient. If the surface of your stone is polished, then it is going to be less absorbent than a flamed or hone finish. Once again, the absorption test will help determine the right sealant.

  5. Were the Stone is Located
  6. First, we will consider what surface the stone is located on: the floor, wall, countertop, etc.? Then we will consider the room it is located in and how that could affect the stone. For example, stone located in the bathroom would be exposed to a lot more moisture than stone that was in your bedroom.

    We will look at how highly trafficked the area is. A kitchen that gets regular wear and tear on a daily basis is going to need a different type of sealant than is a sitting room you rarely use. Finally, we will consider what extras a stone might require. For example, if your stone is located in the bathroom and is a naturally slippery stone, we might treat it with something that makes it slip-resistant.

  7. The Way You Maintain the Stone
  8. Finally, we will consider how you have been maintaining the stone. Are you exposing it to harsh chemicals that are not meant for it? Or have you skipped maintenance altogether and the stone now has ground-in dirt? The answers to these questions might mean a stronger sealant is used.

If you are ready to seal your natural stone then we welcome your call to Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972. With years of experience, we can provide you with the exceptional results you are looking for.