Terrazzo is a material that has been around for a long time. In reality, it was discovered by chance when mosaic craftsmen in Italy were sweeping up leftover stone and glass from their work and realized that it made a great material.

Terrazzo stone may be made from a variety of stones, including marble, glass chips, granite, and quartz. After that, the pieces are usually set in a concrete binder, however other solutions such as acrylic binders or stone chips are also available. However, regardless of how it appears, the majority of maintenance instructions for this type of stone are the same as for marble. If your Terrazzo stone need repair, cleaning, or maintenance, contact Fuller Stone Care for a complete list of services.

We provide a variety of Terrazzo stone services

There are a variety of Terrazzo stone services available, and Fuller Stone Care is glad to provide them all. First and foremost, we can assist you with your cleaning requirements. Although this material is minimal maintenance, it does require weekly washing with a particular cleaning agent. We are able to provide you with those goods.

Deep cleaning

We can also perform deep cleanings and power washings on a regular basis. Some firms may be unable to use a pressure washer on such a precious stone, but we have specialized equipment that is safe to use at low pressure.

Terrazzo stone often needs to be sealed

We can also assist you with the sealing of your Terrazzo stone. Although it appears to be a hard surface, it is actually a porous substance. It can absorb liquids and discolor if it is not properly sealed. We seal it with a high-quality sealer that makes it less absorbent and cleaner.

We can polish your terrazzo

Terrazzo is generally scratch resistant, however there may be some etching concerns on occasion. If it does need to be polished, give Fuller Stone Care a call at 855-205-0972. We grind and polish with state-of-the-art equipment, resulting in a finish that you’ll enjoy – and that will endure for years.

How to keep your terrazzo stone in good condition

While we’re always pleased to come out and refresh your stone, there are a few things you can do on your own as well. They are as follows:

  • Never let liquids to sink in, especially if the liquid is acidic or greasy
  • Seal your stone and reseal it once in a while
  • Keep doormats inside and out to collect dirt, grit, sand, and other potentially abrasive things
  • Don’t take any Terrazzo stone that isn’t completely dry and clean
  • It should not be waxed. This may make the surface exceedingly slippery while also dulling the appearance of the stone. The best technique to make your floor sparkle is to polish and seal it.
  • Acidic or abrasive cleansers should be avoided. Keep your eyes out for pH products designed particularly for stone.

Fuller Stone Care may be reached at 855-205-0972 if you have any queries regarding how to care for your Terrazzo stone.