Everything You Need to Know About How to Polish Stone – And What Not to Do When Polishing Stone

Have you noticed that the high-gloss luster on your marble, travertine, or terrazzo flooring has faded? Unfortunately, with extensive usage, especially in high-traffic locations, this sort of stone dulling is to be expected. The good news is that a decent polishing may bring your flooring back to life. Keep reading to learn more and then contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for help.

The secret is that you must polish in the proper manner

There is a correct and incorrect approach to clean stone flooring. You could get a transient shine if you polish the wrong method, but you’ll invite additional difficulties down the road. But if you do it correctly, you’ll get a long-lasting sheen that allows your stone’s intrinsic beauty show through.

Wax or polishing products should not be used

When a floor loses its luster, many property owners feel they need to use wax or another form of surface treatment to restore it. After all, this is what a wood floor would be used for. Applying wax or polish to marble floors, on the other hand, is not a good idea.

One possible issue is that the wax might diminish the appearance of the floor over time. How? Dust and filth are attracted to the surface and held there. This leaves a dirty layer on the stone, altering its hue. This will be most obvious on white or light-colored stones.

Even if you maintain your floor immaculately clean, certain types of wax may yellow or get clouded over time as a result of interaction with certain sorts of spills. Finally, wax can make an already slippery stone surface even slicker, perhaps resulting in harm.

Do not hesitate to hire a professional stone polisher

Professional polishing is the best approach to restore the luster of your marble, travertine, or terrazzo floor. This procedure eliminates any surface flaws, leaving you with a clean, gleaming new surface that is easy to clean and will keep gleaming for a long time provided you protect it from dirt.

We have a unique procedure for polishing natural stone at Fuller Stone Care that allows us to provide the highest quality results to our clients. We start by looking over the stone to determine if there are any stains that need to be removed.

Then, to smooth out any scratches or persistent stains on the stone’s surface, we employ a diamond grinding compound. The stone is then polished using a nano abrasive polishing compound to give it a brand-new look. A honed finish or a high-gloss polish are both options. We work wet for a dust-free experience and apply an appropriate sealer as soon as the floor is dry to help safeguard your newly polished floor.

Please call Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 if you’d like a free quotation on cleaning your stone floor.