Everything You Need to Know About Flagstone Restoration Services

Use restoration services to bring your flagstone back to its former beauty. The simple fact is that no natural stone contractor will work harder to offer the best flagstone restoration services than we will. At Fuller Stone Care, we have the specialized supplies, years of experience, and high-quality tools to complete the work correctly the first time. When you combine that with our highly skilled professionals, you have the best in the business.

Often, restoring flagstone only requires a thorough cleaning

Almost always, a good cleaning is where flagstone repair should start. We will apply the ideal temperature and pressure for your surface with a premium pressure washer. This eliminates any filth, mildew, algae, or remaining muck from previous surface treatments. Cleaning could be the only restoration service your flagstone needs in some circumstances.

We are able to clean stains on-the-spot

We might be able to assist if your flagstone has one or two stubborn places that need to be removed. What you might think is dust or a superficial watermark may actually be deeper. We may use specialized treatments to remove the stain or we may advise buffing it out depending on how deep, what kind, and how big it is.

Your restoration will last for years if it is sealed

Flagstone repair aims to make your stone appear fantastic for years to come rather than just a few days or weeks. A sealant could be required in that process. Depending on how your flagstone is used, we are aware of the proper products to use on it. Your flagstone can be stain- and dirt-resistant thanks to the commercial-grade sealants we apply.

Call us right away for professional advice

Getting a thorough assessment of your property and your requirements is the first stage in flagstone repair. We can provide you with ideas and estimates once we have examined your stone and comprehended your needs. We will work together to develop a restoration strategy that satisfies your needs while staying within your means. To begin, contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 right away.