Easy Ways to Make Stone Flooring Glossy

Stone flooring is easy to clean and take care of. It reduces allergies, dander, and much more. To give it a high-gloss shine, though, you have to take it up just a notch. Here are the easiest ways to give your stone flooring the glossy finish it deserves.

Follow a Cleaning Cycle

Get into a regular cleaning routine for your stone flooring. Not only does this optimize the overall shine on your floor, but it also reduces the overall work you would have to do. You don’t have to scrub it down every day. On the contrary, fill a spray bottle with equal parts water to white vinegar. Spraying every few feet in front of you as you mop up behind, do this until your entire floor shines. You should only need to lightly mop your stone flooring every few days after you do this.

Give it a Deep Clean

When it’s time to give the stone flooring a good, deep clean, get a bucket of warm water. Only add one or two drops of a mild dish soap. Adding too much soap can actually attract dirt to your floors, so always remember, less is more. In small areas along the floor, dip your mop into the bucket. Take a microfiber cloth to buff the floor dry for each small area you mop.

Be Wary of What Walks Through

Dirt, bugs, and all sorts of other microscopic creatures come inside on your shoes every day. Minimize your stone floor’s damage as a result of this by putting floor mats at all doorways. If you take off your shoes at the floor mat, you can avoid a variety of surface problems, for the most part, including those irritating marks and scuffs on the floor.

Get it Polished or Glossed

When your stone floor gets dull and you just don’t have time to bring it up to par yourself, let the professionals do the dirty work. Fuller Stone Care does professional polishing and concrete staining, so you can have every hard surface in your home sealed and protected.

Fuller Stone Care performs a polishing process, rather than simply using a polishing product. This way, there’s no surface buildup and nothing to hide the raw beauty of your stone flooring. Any natural stone surface or flooring can be shined and polished into beautiful works of art. Get a free quote from Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 or to get started on transforming your floors.