Discover Exactly What is Involved in Granite Polishing

If you have a granite surface in your home that has seen better days then you may have wondered how granite polishing works. If you wonder if it is the right fix for your surface, contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 to get a free consultation. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about granite polishing.

We Polish Granite the Right Way

Many people assume that granite polishing is similar to wood polishing or silver polishing and that a product is required. This is false. When you use a product to polish granite, you can end up making the entire situation worse because these waxes and products add layers of buildup that can prevent the natural beauty of your granite from shining through. What is worse is the fact that this can actually lead to the stone getting dirtier faster.

Our Granite Polishing Services Include the Following

Depending on the specifics of what you need, our granite polishing may include cleaning and removing old stains, dull spots, etch marks, and scratches, restoring the original finish of your granite, getting rid of buildup and damage caused by waxes and other unhelpful treatments that were used in the past, and brightening the entire room by getting your granite surface back to its best.

We Use a System that is Both Tried and True and Personalized to Your Needs

We have been working on similar projects for many years and have developed the right process to get the job done. However, while there are general steps we are likely to start with, one of the most important parts of being expert granite polishing technicians is that we know that each job is unique. We will carefully assess your granite to make sure we are meeting these unique needs.

Our Three-Step Process

In most cases, we will begin with grinding. This removes any etch marks, scratches, and other light stains that have appeared on your stone. We use the ideal diamond abrasive compound complete with a dustless process. This gets us the even, precise grind we want – but without dirtying up the home for no reason.

Next, we actually polishing the granite. Once again, we use a unique nano-abrasive compound that gives you the finish you want, whether that finish is honed, glossy, or somewhere in between. Once it is polished, we will work on any preventative care steps that can help keep your granite in great shape for years to come.

If you are ready to get moving with granite polishing then we urge you to contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972. We are happy to answer your questions, get you a free consult, and help you get your granite back to its beautiful best.