Can’t Get Your Stone Clean? The Professionals Have Three Things That Can Get the Job Done Have you been trying to get your stone clean and haven’t gotten the results you wanted? Do you wish you could get rid of mold or algae, or simply have clean stone again? Don’t give up – contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972. There are three specific things we have that can get your stones as clean as possible.

The right equipment

You can count on us to use the latest, most innovative commercial grade steam pressure washing machines and whatever other equipment is needed to thoroughly clean your stones. We have a wide range of options in equipment and we can clean at whatever pressure or temperature will give us the best results for your stone. Due to the built-in generators many of our machines have, we can offer affordable and flexible cleaning services.

The right chemicals

There are a number of chemicals that may be needed, depending on the type of stone you need cleaned. In most cases, we recommend our uniquely formulated natural stone cleaner and conditioner. It can be used either for deep cleaning or routine maintenance. Other options include alkaloid or acidic cleaners that will work for your particular needs to remove stains from your stones.

The right techniques

We can work with everything from natural stone to concrete and pavers, and you can count on us using the exact technique that will work for your needs. We keep the environment in mind too, and provide services that work with your local environment, whether you’re deep in the hills or right on the beach.

We utilize a unique process for both cleaning and sealing that begins with pressure washing the entire service to get rid of any dirt, sand, weeds, etc., and then letting the area dry so we can re-sand the whole surface with fine silica sand. We then broom sand into joints, use a blower to get rid of the extra sand that’s not in joints, and apply a sealer to ensure everything is even and there’s no sand over pavers. It then needs to be left alone for 24 hours so it can dry before you let people or vehicles on it.

Do you have special needs?

There are many special needs we can help with too, including algae, mold, and mildew. No matter what the situation is, if you have stone that needs to be cleaned, restored, sealed, or stained, then you have one company to call: Fuller Stone Care.

Call today to get your quote

The next step is to call us at 855-205-0972 and request your quote. Just give us the basic details of your needs, including the type of stone and the type of damage and / or wear and tear they’ve sustained. We can provide you with your options and let you know what the costs will be. You can then gather the information you need to decide what the right process is for your needs.