Benefits of Polishing Your Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is smooth, classy, and easy to manage and take care of. The best way to make sure your stone flooring continues to be easy to maintain is to clean, polish, and stain it regularly. Find out everything you need from Fuller Stone Care to discover the benefits of polishing your stone flooring.

Lower Maintenance

Polished stone flooring is easier to maintain than alternative flooring. You don’t have to vacuum any nooks and crannies, like you would with carpet. The polished finish of your stone floor means that you just have to mop over it lightly with a damp mop at least once a week, then sweep or dust mop daily to get rid of the daily accumulation of dirt that piles up.

More Durable

Stone flooring can survive the pressure of heavy equipment, heavy foot traffic, and just about anything else that could cross its path. One of the benefits to polishing your stone flooring is that it’s almost impossible to damage, scratch, or chip the flooring after the fact.

Economical Alternative

Installation, maintenance, and the polishing of stone flooring are all cost-effective, especially when compared to other floor materials. Not only are you saving money short term, but you’ve also got a lot of savings in store as the stone flooring ages with you. After all, the only time you’ll need to replace your stone flooring is when you’ve gotten tired of its look and want some new variety.

Slip Resistant

Hard surface flooring has the benefit of being relatively slip-resistant. This is especially so when a non-slip coating is added to the top of the hard surface flooring, to fully prevent any slips from happening. Either way, you can experience less falls on this floor than you would most carpets or laminated tile.

Increased Lifespan

Stone flooring that’s been properly installed, sealed, and polished over will outlive any carpet it could compete with. In fact, the polished stone flooring from Fuller Stone Care can last as long as a century or more. In the long run, you save money by never having to get another type of flooring again.

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