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Avoid These Common Mistakes Often Made When Caring for Marble Flooring

Avoid These Common Mistakes Often Made When Caring for Marble Flooring

If you are lucky enough to have marble flooring then you have likely wondered about the best way to care for it. At Fuller Stone Care we suggest regular maintenance for your marble flooring. On a day to day basis, today we are compiling some of the common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them. Call us at 310-944-9099 with questions or to schedule professional cleaning and maintenance.

Do not use a soaking wet mop

If your marble tiles have spills or stains on them, do not use a drenched mop to clean it up. Water can easily leak from that mop and get stuck between the surfaces of the marble. Instead, use a damp mop. Use deionized water to prevent damage to the surface of the stone. Marble can be damaged by certain liquids, such as wine or coffee, so make sure you mop up any spills as soon as they happen.

Do not clean marble flooring with solvents

You should never clean marble flooring with any cleaning product available at your local store. These almost always include some type of acid, alkali, or chemical that can damage the marble. You’ll find that most store cleaners are extremely acidic and this can discolor your marble. Instead, use the cleaner available from Fuller Stone Care that’s made specifically for marble.

Do not use grocery store products on your marble floors

You may see tips on the internet that suggest using common household substances to treat marble. For example, vinegar, ammonia, milk, and lemon are all substances that some people use to clean their flooring. These are all potentially damaging to marble floors. You should skip this DIY remedies and instead use cleaners made for marble.

Do not leave your marble floor unsealed

If you have a marble floor installed and then simply leave it be, you are not taking good care of it. You should seal your marble flooring to ensure that it remains durable and that damage caused by spills and other issues is minimized. Note that you cannot simply seal your floor once and be done with it – you will need to have it re-sealed every two to six years, depending on the specifics of the flooring.

Do not turn to general cleaning companies to help with marble flooring

Are there cleaning companies out there that claim they have experience with marble flooring? Of course. Does this mean that they truly understand the unique needs of marble? No. At Fuller Stone Care we cannot stress enough that you should always work with a natural stone company if you need services completed on your natural stone. Call us now at 310-944-9099 to get started.

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