If you are fortunate enough to have marble flooring, you probably have questioned how to take the best care of it. We at Fuller Stone Care advise routine upkeep for your marble flooring. We’re listing some of the everyday errors individuals make today, along with tips on how to avoid them. Call us at 855-205-0972 if you have any inquiries or to arrange for expert cleaning and maintenance.

Avoid Using a Dripping Wet Mop

Do not clean marble tiles with a wet mop if they have spills or stains on them. Water can readily flow from that mop and become trapped between the marble’s surfaces. Replace it with a damp mop. To avoid harming the stone’s surface, use deionized water. Make sure to wipe up any spills as soon as they occur because some substances, including wine or coffee, can harm marble.

Never Use Solvents to Clean Marble Flooring

Never use a cleaning product from your neighborhood store to clean marble flooring. These nearly always contain some kind of marble-damaging acid, alkali, or chemical. You’ll discover that the majority of store cleansers are really acidic, which might stain your marble. Use the cleaner formulated exclusively for marble that is offered by Fuller Stone Care instead.

Avoid Using Goods from the Grocery Store on Your Marble Floors

The internet may contain advice that suggests treating marble with items that are typically found in homes. For instance, some individuals clean their floors with chemicals like vinegar, ammonia, milk, and lemon. All of them have the potential to harm marble floors. Use cleansers designed for marble instead of these DIY solutions.

Keep Your Marble Floor Sealed at All Times

You are not taking proper care of a marble floor if you install one and then leave it alone. To make sure that your marble flooring is lasting and that damage from spills and other problems is minimized, seal it. Keep in mind that depending on the particulars of the flooring, you will need to have your floor resealed every two to six years. You cannot simply seal your floor once and be done with it.

Never Ask General Cleaning Services to Assist With Marble Floors

Do any cleaning businesses exist that claim to have dealt with marble floors? No doubt. Does this mean that they are actually cognizant of the special requirements of marble? No. The importance of working with a natural stone firm whenever you need services for your natural stone cannot be emphasized enough by Fuller Stone Care. To begin, contact us at 855-205-0972 right away.