Are You Having Trouble Getting Your Stone Surface Clean? We Bring the Three Things You Need

Have you been attempting to clean your stone but unable to achieve the desired results? Do you wish you could remove mold or algae from your stone, or simply have a clear surface again? Don’t give up; call Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for assistance. We offer three specialized items that can help you clean your stones as thoroughly as possible.

The appropriate tools

You can rely on us to completely clean your stones using the latest, most innovative commercial grade steam pressure washing machines and any additional equipment is required. We have a wide choice of equipment options, and we can clean your stone at whichever pressure or temperature will give us the greatest results. We can provide economical and flexible cleaning services since several of our equipment have built-in generators.

Chemicals that are appropriate

Depending on the type of stone that has to be cleaned, a variety of chemicals may be required. In most circumstances, our specially designed natural stone cleaning and conditioner is recommended. It may be used for extensive cleaning as well as regular maintenance. Alkaloid or acidic cleansers are other possibilities for removing stains from your stones, according on your demands.

Techniques that work

We can deal with a variety of materials, including natural stone, concrete, and pavers, and you can trust on us to choose the most appropriate approach for your project. We also consider the environment, and provide services that blend in with your surroundings, whether you’re deep in the woods or right on the shore.

We use a unique cleaning and sealing procedure that starts with pressure washing the whole service to remove any dirt, sand, weeds, and other debris, followed by letting the area dry so we can re-sand the entire surface with fine silica sand. Then we brush sand into the joints, blow out any excess sand that isn’t in the joints, and apply a sealant to make sure everything is equal and no sand is on the pavers. It must then be left alone for 24 hours to dry before allowing people or vehicles to walk on it.

Do you have any unique requirements?

We can also assist with a variety of unique needs, such as algae, mold, and mildew. Whatever the case, if you have stone that needs to be cleaned, repaired, sealed, or stained, Fuller Stone Care is the firm to call.

To obtain a quotation, call now

The next step is to get a quotation by calling 855-205-0972. Simply provide us with the most basic information about your requirements, such as the type of stone and the degree of damage and/or wear and tear it has experienced. We can discuss your alternatives with you and give you an estimate of the expenses. You may then gather the data you need to choose the best procedure for your requirements.