Anti-Slip Coatings Should Be Part of Your Company’s Risk Mitigation Process

As you look for ways to reduce the risk your company takes on, we strongly recommend that you consider anti-slip coatings for your flooring. Do you want to be subject to a lawsuit if someone slips and falls on your company’s grounds? Of course not – but what are you doing to prevent this from happening? You can contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 to learn about our anti-slip options that can make a big difference.

You Need to Protect Both Your Clients and Your Employees

Regardless of the type of stone you have installed at your commercial property, it must be cared for correctly. Doing so not only protects your clients or customers, but it protects your employees as well.

Commercial stone that has not been well cared for can cause all types of issues including putting off customers due to the dirty and dingy look, putting the safety of everyone on the property at risk, and reducing the value of your company property.

You Can Turn to Us for a Wide Range of Commercial Stone Care Services

When you work with Fuller Stone Care, you are working with a company that can meet all your commercial stone care needs. We have 35+ years of experience in this field and stone is our passion. We have the right products, customized services, and the latest, most innovative techniques to get you the results you need.

Some of the services you can turn to us for include:

  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Restoration
  • Sealing
  • Staining
  • Polishing
  • Repairs
  • Sanitizing
  • Non-slip surface treatments

If you need something you do not see listed just give us a call at 855-205-0972.

We Can Help with All Types of Commercial Properties

Regardless of the type of commercial property you want to protect, we likely have experience with it. This includes government buildings, casinos office buildings, hotels, nursing facilities, hospitals, and more. Each of these companies has its own unique needs and we take that into consideration. We provide the right anti-slip coatings and sanitizing services for each client.

Reduce Liability Issues with Commercial Anti-Slip Coating

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your company if you were sued because someone slipped and fell on your property? Adding an anti-slip coating can do two things to prevent this situation. First, it can help prevent these types of falls. Second, if someone does fall, it can make it much harder for you to be found negligent as you will have taken extra steps to protect your clients.

While not all clients need anti-slip coatings, many do. We recommend that any client with a natural stone flooring that can get slippery gets an anti-slip coating. Even if it only gets slippery when wet and it rarely gets wet, we still believe it is worthwhile to be safer rather than sorry. Call Fuller Stone Care now at 855-205-0972 to find out how we can get you started.