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Absolutely wonderful customer service!

I contacted Larry who came to look at my new hardscape in order to determine what would work best with my new stone.

Larry was very good at educating me on the process and helping me to determine what would work best for what I was looking for.

His crew showed up on time and was incredibly complete and professional. Unfortunately unknown to any of us, it rained within an hour of the application. (When does it ever rain in Southern California?) anyhow, Larry sent his crew back out and did the job again.

I can't tell you how pleased I am both with Larry, his workers and the job itself.

- Kym E. March 23, 2016

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Where to begin....we recently bought a house which has a ton of travertine throughout it.  Some of the travertine was in okay shape, and some of it was in pretty awful shape. I also had some tiny black holes in the floor that seemed to have formed from the previous owners dropping things on the travertine.  Either way, I did my research to find Fuller Stone Care, and I am so happy I contacted them to help me out.

Julio was awesome.  He is not a salesman, so there was no pressure.  He just came in and explained their process, as I walked him through my house.  I pointed out all of the areas I was concerned about, and he assured me they could fix them. I was so relieved when he left because I really thought we were going to have to replace all of the travertine in our house (which was going to cost way too much money).

We had to reschedule a few times because they had some conflicts, but it all worked out.  They arrived at 7:30 am and were done by noon.  In short, you could probably just take a half day off work.  They executed a kitchen floor, foyer and hallway, three bathrooms (including counters and showers).  They buffed, cleaned, removed stains, filled in holes and chips, polished, and sealed.  I thought they would be here all day, but they did it all really quickly.

The floors feel much smoother, the grout is brighter, and the showers definitely feel better. The shower surfaces are smoother and cleaner. There are still some cracks I wish they would have filled in, but they did say they might be more noticeable if they did try to fill them in. Overall, I'm happy with the results though.

Julio and his team were so nice and efficient, I cannot say enough about how courteous and polite they were.  If you're on the fence about what to do about the stone in your house, just give them a call.  The consultation is free, and you have nothing to lose by just getting the information. Hopefully, I won't be needing their services anytime soon, but if something comes up, I will not hesitate to call them.

- Johanna M. March 23, 2016

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We would highly recommend Larry and his team at Fuller Stone Care! They get the job done to perfection! Thank you, Larry!

- DJ B. March 23, 2016

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Larry and his crew did a wonderful job cleaning and resealing our travertine floors.  In addition they polished and resealed the granite in our kitchen, and all of the marble in our master bath.  They even regrouted our shower.  We are so pleased with the outcome!  Everything looks beautiful!
Larry is a super nice guy and his team is professional and friendly.  Using Fuller Stone Care was a great decision!

- sonya e. March 23, 2016

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Larry and his crew were absolutely wonderful to work with. Larry got back to me with a comprehensive quote in writing after Julio came by to see my travertine floors and granite counter tops. Augie and the guys (sorry can't remember everyone's name but they were all so nice) who performed the work were professional, courteous and really super helpful. They did a fantastic job! My floors look like new. They sanded/buffed, cleaned, fixed, sealed and polished. I was shocked how clean and shiny new the floors look now. They also buffed and sealed my granite counter tops. They got rid of the dirt and dullness. And they were so fast and clean. Before their work, we were considering having the travertine removed. Now, we're keeping it. Thanks so much!

- Barbara Y. March 23, 2016

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This is overdue and i apologize! We were remodeling our house and we needed to get the staining of the outside concrete done ASAP. For this reason Larry sent over Julio the next day for consultation. Once Julio had all the measurements and describe how things were going to get done and what color they were going to stain it he gave me the reassurance that everything was going to get done in timely manner. Within a day he sent me over the quote and it was pretty reasonably priced. They were able to accommodate us to finish it within the same week and actually they were able to get this job done within a day by bringing in more workers to do the front and the back at the same time.  I wasn't home when they finished the job but he sent me pictures so that I can see in the day time. That was nice of him. Then being as picky as I am I was asking him questions as to why certain places turned into darker color. This was 2 days after they did this job. They went into details and made me understand until I was comfortable. I must say they are honest people and really want to make sure that they do their job right to their standard. Couple weeks later, my stain looks a lot better than when it was first done! I will definitely consider them for my next job!

- Sandy L. March 23, 2016

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I made the mistake of keeping a Patron bottle on top of the fridge. One day I went to open the freezer and accidentally dropped the Patron bottle on the floor. The Patron bottle was fine but it left a big chip on my floor.
I began frantically looking for a solution and found the great reviews on Yelp for Fuller Stone Care. I contacted the company through their website and Larry quickly responded. I sent a photo of the chip so Larry could see if he could help me. Apparently Fuller Stone Care doesn't usually do such small jobs but they did it for me because I'm local and the job was small enough to do between jobs. Dave came to my home this afternoon and repaired the chip quickly and beautifully. It only cost me 50 bucks and you can't even tell that there was a chip in the floor! I highly recommend this company. They go above and beyond to help a neighbor and their service is excellent!!!

- Amber C. March 23, 2016

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I just got home and saw the refurbished travertine floors, and they are AMAZING!!!  I couldn't be happier.  The floor looks better than when it was first installed. Beautiful.  I am so happy with the results.

- Mickey S. March 23, 2016

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Larry and crew are great. I had a problem with some a tiles in a travertine sower. After a couple of hours the shower was sparkling and looking 100% better.  Larry and his guys are  great to work with, courteous and responsive.

- Sheldon W. March 23, 2016

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I wanted to have my Fuller Stone restore my restroom countertops but was not able to. I'm giving 5 stars because they were still helpful even though there was no revenue for them during this visit. Based on this experience I will be calling them when I'm ready to have other work done.

- Ian S. March 23, 2016

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