5 Things to Do to Keep Your Slate Floor in Great Shape

It is true that slate is fairly delicate but that should not scare most people away from installing it as flooring. The key is just to be sure that you know how to clean it. Keep reading for tips on keeping your slate flooring in good shape and then contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 if you need slate maintenance or other services.

  1. Make Use of Rugs and Mats
  2. If you have an area of your flooring that gets more traffic than the rest, then using rugs and mats can help make it more comfortable and stand up better to the traffic. This is a good idea under large pieces of furniture too. Remember that slate is hard – it is not designed as a comfortable flooring. Area rugs are a great way to make it fit in better with your décor and protect the slate.

  3. Slate Flooring Should Be Sealed on a Yearly Basis
  4. Slate is porous and if it is not sealed regularly, it can soak up any liquid it comes into contact with. This is why we recommend sealing your slate yearly. Note that this is a service that should be provided by the professionals. You may find DIY slate sealing products but they are not recommended because they are difficult to apply and, if not done correctly, could do more harm than good.

  5. Clean Up Spills Right Away
  6. Under no circumstances do you want to let spills sit on your slate. If you do so, they could eventually seep into the tile and cause an issue. Instead, wipe up any spills as soon as you see them. Note that even if you have sealed your slate as we have recommended, it could still be damaged if spills sit on it for a long period of time.

  7. Use pH Neutral Cleaning Products
  8. It is essential to use the right cleaning products for your slate flooring. The key is that it should have a neutral pH because this will decrease the chance of damaging the files or the sealant layers that protect the tiles. You will want to carefully choose a cleaning solution that is designed to be used on a slate tile or natural tile surface.

  9. Pick Up Furniture When You Want to Move It
  10. Slate is a delicate stone, which means that if you are dragging furniture across it, it could easily be damaged. Do not risk this – carry furniture over the flooring. If you cannot do that, at least make sure you are putting rags or blankets under the furniture before moving it.

Remember that at Fuller Stone Care we provide a full array of slate maintenance, cleaning, sealing, and restoration services. Call us now at 855-205-0972 if you need help with your slate flooring.