5 Restoration Options for Natural Stone Flooring

Do you have a natural stone floor that’s seen better days? Many homeowners have no idea how to restore it – or that it’s even possible. The truth is that there are a number of restoration options. In some cases, one of these choices may work perfectly for you. In other situations, you may choose several restoration options to work together.

If you’re not sure what level of restoration you need, then your next move is simple: Call Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972. We can come out and do an assessment to provide you with our expert opinion on the best way to move forward. Our work is always customized to ensure every client gets exactly what they need.

  1. In some cases restoration is as simple as a deep cleaning

  2. Some stones simply need to be cleaned. In almost all cases, we’ll start with a thorough stone cleaning to see what issues are just on the surface and which go a little deeper. To get your stones clean, we’ll use our pressure washing equipment that has unique adjustments to the exact pressure and temperature that will work best for the type of stone we’re working with. In the cleaning process, we can remove dirt, mildew, mold, algae, and residue that’s left behind from previous attempts you’ve made to clean your stone.

  3. We can help you remove stains from your natural stone flooring

  4. You may have spots that you thought were just dirt or even water marks, but after we clean your floors it may turn out that they’re stains. Depending on the specific type of stain and how serious it is, we may buff it out or we may use special products to lift them out. We will communicate with you about your unique needs and our best tips.

  5. We can repair chips and cracks

  6. If your stone has been cracked or chipped, or it simply has imperfections that you’re tired of looking at, our technicians can come out and help. We’ll use our epoxy that can be tinted to exactly match your stone or polish. When we’re done, no one but you will likely ever know that there was ever anything to repair.

  7. We can polish your floor

  8. There’s no question that a dull floor is a drab floor. We can come in and polish up your stone floor to ensure it looks great. This may include grinding it or simply polishing it. We use a dustless method that gets rid of scratches, dull patches, and even etch marks.

  9. We can seal your floor

  10. If you’re looking to restore your floor in a way that will last for years to come, then natural stone sealing is likely what you’re looking for. We are highly experienced and know the best products for your specific flooring. Call us today and we’ll let you know what options would best protect your floor from future stains.