March 23, 2016

This is overdue and i apologize! We were remodeling our house and we needed to get the staining of the outside concrete done ASAP. For this reason Larry sent over Julio the next day for consultation. Once Julio had all the measurements and describe how things were going to get done and what color they were going to stain it he gave me the reassurance that everything was going to get done in timely manner. Within a day he sent me over the quote and it was pretty reasonably priced. They were able to accommodate us to finish it within the same week and actually they were able to get this job done within a day by bringing in more workers to do the front and the back at the same time.  I wasn’t home when they finished the job but he sent me pictures so that I can see in the day time. That was nice of him. Then being as picky as I am I was asking him questions as to why certain places turned into darker color. This was 2 days after they did this job. They went into details and made me understand until I was comfortable. I must say they are honest people and really want to make sure that they do their job right to their standard. Couple weeks later, my stain looks a lot better than when it was first done! I will definitely consider them for my next job!