March 23, 2016

We moved into a brand new house, only to discover that the marble that was used in our Master Bath was defective. Essentially, water was getting into the veins of the marble and huge areas were popping off. Some holes were the size of a dime to a nickel, and other sections were flat areas that sheared off. Yes, we talked about tearing out our entire bathroom and, originally, we were going to go that route. However, a friend of ours, who also does marble restoration, but lives in Boston, told us he would have it restored. It would’ve been a month and a half of construction to tear out and replace the bathroom. So, our builder contacted Larry at Fuller Stone Care. Larry suggested a course of action and a maintenance schedule to maintain the integrity of the stone. We decided to go for it.

First, Larry’s employees were all very professional and took great care in respecting the house. They did an excellent job and the shower came out beautifully. I was pleasantly surprised! My marble has a wide range of color values and they did an excellent job at matching or contrasting the stone based on the area. After they were finished, they polished it and put on a protective layer to repel water. It’s so shiny, it looks brand new!

I am definitely going to have them back to do some other work on my counter tops.

I definitely suggest that if you are having a problem with your home, to call Fuller Stone Care.
They came on time; worked all day; cleaned up everything; and left a beautiful finished product.