March 23, 2016

I have a large and lovely kitchen with vaulted ceilings, sky lighting, custom cabinetry, and granite counter tops.  One of my daughter’s friends decided to jump up and sit on the edge of the sink; of course with a few years of water soaking up into the stone, it fell right off and broke into many pieces.  I was devastated; the damage was done dead center of the granite slab.  I obtained many estimates with no luck.  Many companies did not want anything to do with this job, and the rest quoted me thousands of dollars stating that the entire slab would need replacing.  I did not know what to do!  The last person I reached out to was Larry, his crew cleaned my carpets & sealed my floor many times (always did a great job by the way) I just didn’t realize at the time that ‘STONE CARE” is actually their expertise… Yes, I am a blonde   A couple of days later Larry and his crew showed up.  A few hours later ALL of my kitchen counters were like new.  Not only did Fuller Stone Care fix my problem, but they sealed all of my counters as well.  I could not see the damage unless I literally held up magnified glass to the area.  I was extremely pleased with this company, and would recommend them any day!
Thank you Larry!!!