March 23, 2016

I made the mistake of keeping a Patron bottle on top of the fridge. One day I went to open the freezer and accidentally dropped the Patron bottle on the floor. The Patron bottle was fine but it left a big chip on my floor.
I began frantically looking for a solution and found the great reviews on Yelp for Fuller Stone Care. I contacted the company through their website and Larry quickly responded. I sent a photo of the chip so Larry could see if he could help me. Apparently Fuller Stone Care doesn’t usually do such small jobs but they did it for me because I’m local and the job was small enough to do between jobs. Dave came to my home this afternoon and repaired the chip quickly and beautifully. It only cost me 50 bucks and you can’t even tell that there was a chip in the floor! I highly recommend this company. They go above and beyond to help a neighbor and their service is excellent!!!