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Protect the Beauty of Your Terrazzo Surface with Sealing Services

If you want your terrazzo surface to look great for years to come then you must seal it – it is really that simple. While you may find plenty of products that claim to allow you to do it yourself, the reality is that these products can spoil the look of your stone even if used correctly. If even a minor error is made in their application, they can cause serious damage.

If you want the maximize the beauty of your terrazzo and ensure it is easy to clean, then you want to work with Fuller Stone Care at 310-944-9099 for sealing services.

Our Top-Grade Commercial Sealers Keep Your Surface in Top Shape

The sealants we use to complete your job do not have strong smells that pollute your home for weeks after they are applied. The sealants we use to do not rely on chemicals that can affect the air quality of your home, such as those made with unhealthy VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). Our sealants are penetrating – not topical – which allows them to get deep into the natural stone and maximize the protection.

Enjoy Two Big Benefits of Sealing: Protection and Beauty

When you decide to seal your terrazzo you are doing two things: Helping it look incredible and helping protect it from stains and damage. It is important to know that terrazzo is a porous stone, which means that without sealing, it can soak up any liquid that’s on it. It can become damaged very quickly.

When it is sealed, it is protected against water or acids because the size of its pores are reduced by the sealant. This also makes it more beautiful and reduces the dust and dirt that can get into its pores. In short, sealing protects and provides beauty today and for years to come.

Does Your Terrazzo Need to Be Sealed? This Test Could Answer That Question

There is an easy way to determine if your terrazzo surface needs to be sealed. Take a small drop of water and put it on the stone. Let it stand there for five to ten minutes. Blot it dry. Then note if the stone has darkened where the water was.

If it is, then you know the water has been absorbed. If the stone quickly gets back to its normal color (within two to three minutes) then it does not need to be sealed. If the changed color remains, contact Fuller Stone Care at 310-944-9099 for a free quote.

Get a Free Quote on Sealing

If you would like our honest, professional opinion on a potential sealing project, please Call us at 855-980-7089. We will be happy to provide a free quote for professional sealing or recommend a product for you to use on your own if appropriate.

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