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Fuller Stone Care Can Provide a Hands-Off Ongoing Maintenance Plan for You

Do you want to trust that your terrazzo will be in top shape for years to come – but do not want to keep up the regular maintenance yourself? Do you want professional cleaning, polishing, and sealing but don’t want to worry about scheduling it? Then sign up for a hands-off, ongoing maintenance plan that lets us take care of all the headache – and the work.

Your Terrazzo Maintenance Plan Can Include Whatever You Want It To

One of the great things about working with Fuller Stone Care for terrazzo maintenance is that we will take the time to create a plan that works perfectly for your unique needs. We do not have a cookie cutter plan. Instead, we assess your terrazzo, the traffic it gets, and the shape it’s in before we decide what makes the most sense. Some services that we may suggest be part of your maintenance plan include:

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