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Stain Your Limestone with the Perfect Application

If you want to boost the look or change the finish of your limestone then applying a stain is a great option. While there are thousands of options on the market, many of which include instructions claiming anyone can do it, the truth is that only professional-grade stains should be used and they should only be applied by the professionals.

Applying Limestone Stain is Easy – But Doing It Right is Another Issue

Yes, limestone is a porous stone – which means that stain goes on and stays on easily. Does this mean that anyone can stain it? It does not. The truth is that if you use the wrong stain, you can damage not only the look of limestone but its integrity. If you do not properly apply the stain, you could actually make it look dirtier an older than before you started.

You Need a Penetrating Stain – Not a Topical One

Nearly every DIY limestone staining product you will see on the market is a topical one. This means that it only sits on the surface of the limestone – which is a problem for several reasons. First, this means that it does not get deep into the pores to protect against staining, etching, and other issues the way a penetrating stain would.

Second, a surface stain can prevent the limestone from breathing. As a porous stone, it is meant to have plenty of breathing room. Without it, it can become brittle and be easily damaged.

Call on the Professionals for Limestone Staining and Sealing

We almost always recommend that if you are going to stain your limestone, you seal it as well. Sealing helps to lock in the look and advantages of the stain. Limestone is also easier to clean once it’s been sealed because the pores are smaller – which allows less dirt to get trapped.

If you are considering staining your limestone then we highly recommend you at least place contact to Fuller Stone Care first. You can reach us at 310-944-9099 and we are happy to provide a free quote for limestone staining, sealing, and other services.

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